What is a 3 1 hybrid arm?

Adjustable-rate hybrid mortgages can be fixed at fixed rate intervals of three, five, seven or 10 years and the adjustable rate is activated on the reinstatement date. More often, you'll see hybrid ARMs, which have fixed rates to start the loan and then adjust periodically after the fixed period. Initial payments can be quite low during the preliminary rate period, but when rates are restored after the fixed period of a hybrid arm loan, payments can increase hundreds of dollars a month even due to relatively small changes in interest rates. An adjustable-rate hybrid mortgage, or hybrid ARM (also known as a fixed-period ARM), combines the features of a fixed-rate mortgage with an adjustable-rate mortgage.

Long-term fixed-rate mortgages, especially those with a 30-year period, may have low interest rates that are competitive.

Hybrid branches

offer homebuyers options that may be better suited to their needs. With a hybrid ARM, the index is established as a reference interest to which the margin is added and thus calculate the new rate that will be enacted once the reinstatement date has been reached. The borrower should carefully consider their time horizon when choosing a hybrid branch and recognize the risks associated with the reinstatement date or the expiration of the fixed interest rate period.

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